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Based on the recommendations of the Board of Directors of Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited, which is a registered company incorporated at Hyderabad as per the 1956 Indian Companies Act, I, G. Chitra, the Managing Director of the company declare that Pentagram Research Publications is a part of Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited, Hyderabad, and it will function as the part of the company in future also. The publication of the International Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, IJSCI, is a part of the company activity but under the name of Pentagram Research Publications. The Chief Editor and our other Esteemed Editors are hereby empowered to carry out their responsibilities well within the scope of the mission of Pentagram Research Publications.




Dated January 4, 2006

G. Chitra


Since the year 2006 we have been trying our best to bring out a realm of research output due to many outstanding contributors across the globe in the form of research articles, lecture series, tutorial papers, letters, advertisements and classifieds. This International Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, IJSCI, is published as a quarterly journal in the months of January, April, July and October every year. World-renowned peers are the reviewers of this journal. High quality research papers are invited for publication in this journal. The major objective of this journal is to consolidate the entire science and technology under three categories, systemics, cybernetics and informatics. Hence, there is no bar on the submission of research papers of any discipline.

Chief Editor, IJSCI





System Architectures, ASIC Design, FPGA / CPLD Designs, Consumer Electronics, Control Systems, Numerical & Logical, Systems, Embedded Systems, Processors and EDA tools, Non Conventional Energy Resources, Lasers and Optical Systems, Parallel Architectures, Programmable DSPs and Applications, Systems on Chip Design, Soft Instruments, Test and Verification Tools / Development, Transaction Automation, VLSI Architectures, MEMS, Nano Technology, Molecular Electronic Devices, Systems Modeling and Simulation, Array processors, Space Surveillance Systems, Medical Instruments, Electronic Warfare Systems, Electronic Intelligence Systems, Molecular Electronics, Modern Communication Systems, Gene Processors, Image Acquisition Systems, Virtual Reality Systems, Wearable Computers, Network Components and Systems, Small Scientific Satellites, Space Systems , Space Radiation Effects on Integrated Biological Systems....


Algorithms, Heuristic Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Algorithms, Theory of Computer Science, Factory automation, Military / Aerospace Applications, Electronic Intelligence in Combat Space, Guided / Autonomous Weapon Control, Multi sensor Fusion, Artificial Intelligence & Applications, Knowledge-Based Systems, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Control, Cellular Automata and Applications, Transport Systems Control, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interfaces, Human interaction in complex systems, Visual System Cybernetics, Machine Vision, Cybernetics of Living Matter, Symbolic Computing, Molecular Computing, Quantum Computing, Electronic Counter / Support Measures, Robotics and Machine Vision, Pattern Recognition and Analysis, Real Time Operating System, Satellite Imaging, Astronomy and Space Science....


Biomedical Engineering Applications, Signal and Image Processing, Multimedia & Virtual Reality, Computer Network, Protocols and Security, Radar / Sonar Signal Processing, Optical Character Recognition, Speech / Audio Signal Processing, Data Communication Methodology, Management and Information Technology, Telemetry, Space Surveillance Techniques, Health Care Informatics, Image Compression Techniques, Coding and Cryptography, Digital Watermarking Methods, CDMA / Mobile Communication Techniques, Celestial Informatics, Mathematical Theories, Vedic Sciences, Machine Translation of Languages, Knowledge-based Drug Discovery, Micro Array Image Analysis, Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Acquisition and Processing,...